Extra Wide Runways

This ATLAS Lift has very wide FIXED runways that will accommodate everything from a FORD F550 to a TRIUMPH TR 6. These FIXED runways offer a solid lifting platform for the RJ-6000 or RJ-7000 rolling jacks that roll down the center of the lift. When the rolling jack is used to lift a vehicle "off" of the four post lift's runways, there is an extreme downward force applied to the inside of both runways. The "old-style" chain 4-post lifts normally have one runway that is "moveable". This "moveable" runway (when pressured with the downward force of a rolling jack) may easily "kick out" and allow the jack to become separated from the inside of the runway. If you own an old style chain four post lift, we would recommend that you "bolt down" the "moveable" runway to avoid an accident. The old style chain lifts have "moveable" runways because the width of their runways is narrower than the runways on this ATLAS four post lift.

Certain competitors offer a four post lift with the "old-style" chain lifting method. The chain lifting method has many disadvantages when compared to the hydraulic cable method found on this ATLAS four post lift.

The exposed hydraulic cylinder found on the chain style four post lifts is located between one of the front columns and the rear column. Certain competitors show a truck lifted on their "old style" chain lift. The truck is positioned so that the customer cannot see the hydraulic cylinder located between the columns. This hydraulic cylinder is responsible for many "door dings". The cylinder (whether located on the driver's side or the passenger's side) makes opening the vehicle doors very difficult.