InstaCheck Results In 80 Seconds!

The Built-In InstaCheck System Provides Accurate Alignment Measurements (On The Floor) In Less Than 80 Seconds.

When the Atlas® Cyclops is used in the InstaCheck mode, toe and camber measurements are read and accurate results are printed in less than 80 seconds.

This high speed (extremely accurate) Atlas® Cyclops 3-D alignment check system requires no lifting of the vehicle and can be performed by non-alignment personnel. This means that just about any person in your service shop can perform an InstaCheck in any available stall. Once the InstaCheck procedure is performed, the printed results identify any alignment issues and help to generate more alignment work for the shop. The measurements obtained from an Atlas® Cyclops in the InstaCheck mode are within the same tolerances as those measurements obtained when the vehicle is moved to the alignment lift and the Atlas® Cyclops is used in the alignment mode.

There is absolutely no need to roll the vehicle to compensate a camera sensor system. Rollback is old school technology!

In theory, you would love to have your alignment technicians busy “hanging parts” and doing alignments for 10 hours each day. This is normally not the reality of the situation. However, your Atlas® Cyclops does not need to sit idle while your alignment tech is waiting on the parts runner from your local parts store while the customer’s car is sitting on the alignment rack. There are probably several cars in your shop area or in your parking lot that were “dropped off” for issues other than alignment.

Why not take advantage of the InstaCheck feature of your Atlas® Cyclops 3-D alignment system and perform an alignment check on these vehicles?

Roll your Atlas® Cyclops to any adjoining service bay and spend a couple of minutes performing the InstaCheck with each vehicle. When the customer picks up their vehicle, you can include a copy of the Atlas® Cyclops InstaCheck results.

If their car’s alignment is within tolerance, they are going to thank you for your attention to detail. If their car’s alignment is out of tolerance…
well, there’s a chance for you to sell another service!

Watch the video to learn how to increase customer loyalty and make extra profits!