Internet Access Is Imperative For Atlas Edge 101 and 201 Alignment Machines

If you are considering the purchase of an Atlas® Edge 101 or Atlas® Edge 201 Alignment machine, your shop must have a high speed Internet connection that can be used to connect your Atlas® alignment machine to the Internet. All data updates and computer diagnostic issues depend upon a reliable Internet connection.

Please be advised, that the CPU (computer) included with your Atlas® alignment machine is to be used ONLY for storing and providing data related to alignments performed in your shop. If you install video games, stock market reports, Facebook ®, or other Internet downloads, you may corrupt the alignment software stored in your CPU. The Atlas® Alignment warranty will not be honored if you have corrupted the alignment software originally installed on your CPU.

If you make the mistake of downloading Internet software that corrupts the Atlas® alignment software, Greg Smith Equipment can "fix your problem", but it will cost you.

If your software issues are the result of problematic Atlas® software, there will be no charge for time spent to get you back in business. However, Greg Smith Equipment Sales will charge $85.00 per hour (1 hour minimum) for any troubleshooting/support provided to customers with "extraneous corrupt" programs installed on their dedicated Atlas® alignment CPU.