Product Code: #LIFTLYTE-1000-M
Featuring two 140 inch (11’8”) directional LED strips magnetically attached to your 4 post lifts runways with powerful permanent magnets and including everything else you need to install it. Magnetic attachment allows your LIFTLYTE to be moved to another location or lift or use lift accessories such as transmission jack supports or drip trays.

Special LiftLyte?M™ Features

  • Full area illumination.
  • No shadows.
  • Plug and Play installation. No hand tools required.
  • Magnetic attachment allows easy repositioning to another location or lift.
  • Eliminates lamp or filament breakage in demanding work applications.
  • Over 30,000 hours of lamp life resulting in lower maintenance costs.
  • Resists vibration, impact, sudden movements and shock.
  • Efficient light transmission and emission.
  • Pre?determined light emission pattern for maximum effectiveness.
  • Environmentally protective coatings for maximum durability and long life.
  • Two (2) Magnetic LED Light Strip
  • AC Power Cord and Transformer
  • Two (2) Primer Stick
  • Self Adhesive Tie Down Points (10)
  • Zip Ties (15)

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