Mobile Column Lift Power Requirements

All Atlas® mobile column lifts require equal voltage on each phase (line) with reference to ground. Supplied voltage can be supplied by the power company as WYE or low voltage Delta. High Voltage Delta (Wild Leg) is not compatible with any Atlas® 3 phase lifts.

Most lifts come with the motors wired for delta power. To reconfigure the motors is as simple as removing the motor wiring cover plate and moving the junction bars so that they are positioned parallel with the motor shaft. There is a wiring diagram in each motor cover plate for reference.

Proper phase order connection must also be observed since each phase is 120 degrees apart. Improper phase order will result in no power when the lift is switched on or an immediate flashing red error light as soon as the lift button is pressed. This is easily corrected by switching the incoming lines until the correct phase position is obtained. Phase order is normally BLACK-RED-WHITE, but is often not followed by electricians or changed by local code. Check with your electrician if in doubt.

You can determine the type of power supplied by measuring the voltage between phases, line to line, compared to the voltage measured from any one line to neutral:

In WYE-connected systems, the line voltage between phases (line-to-line) is 1.732 times larger than the phase voltage (line-to-neutral)*.

In a Delta (Low Voltage) -connected system, the line voltage is exactly the same as the phase voltage (line-to-line in both cases).

In High Voltage Delta systems, the voltage between each phase is equal but when measured line to neutral one leg will be twice any other leg.

High Voltage Delta (Wild Leg):

4 wire wild-leg (230 & 240 Volt)

Low Voltage Delta:

3 wire all phases equal (balanced loads only)


*120v x 1.732= 208v (all lines and phases equal)

Transformers are available to convert a High Voltage 3 phase Delta supply to WYE or low voltage Delta. Below are a few links to suppliers.