NitroFill E-170 Nitrogen Generation and Conversion Station

Product Code: #NF-E170
The NitroFill E-170 is the standard against which all other automotive nitrogen generation systems are measured. With more units in service than most other models and manufacturers combined, the NitroFill E-170 has earned a reputation for unrivaled performance and durability…and now it's even better. We have made the fastest, most efficient and easiest to use system on the planet even faster, more efficient and easier to use by upgrading our patented design and technology to provide quicker conversions and an amazing 13.5 cfm output!
NitroFill E-170 Specifications
Power Requirement

100-120V AC 50-60Hz

Operating Temperature

-4°F to 158°F
Compressed Air Input Range

100-200 psi

Compressed Air Quality

0.01 ppm

Nitrogen Purity

95-99+% (Adjustable)

Nitrogen Output

13.5 CFM rated at 160psi, 80°F
Max. Nitrogen Pressure in Tank

145-174 psi

Operating Range


Recommended Inlet Supply Pressure

44 psi above the maximum set pressure of the unit.

+/-1 psi

Display Increments

1 psi

Units of Measure

psi, kPa, bar

Over Pressure Setting Range

0-29 psi

Nitrogen Purges


Shipping Weight

465 lb.

Dimensions (Container)

57"H x 28.5"W x 26"D
Dimensions (Unit)

52"H x 28"W x 24"D
  • Converts up to 4 tires to NitroFill simultaneously.**
  • Complete, Turn-Key, fully assembled system,

    nothing else to buy.
  • Fully Automated, fully programmable,

    micro-processor controlled conversion system.
  • Advanced Mode Options including: "Auto-On,"

    "Auto-Off," "Over-Pressure," and more.
  • Comprehensive error reporting and

    self-diagnostic features.
  • Large back-lit LCD display with audio

    and visual signals.
  • Advanced PSA design generation system.
  • Twin, exterior mounted high performance

    inlet air filters.
  • Instant and uninterrupted flow with

    guaranteed purity up to 99.9%.
  • One Size Fits All design. "Best in Class"

    13.5 cfm output and optional storage tank make

    the E-170 a fit for almost any size automotive

    service facility.
  • 5 year warranty*

  • *See your NitroFill Distributor for details.

    **Includes 4 Tire Service hoses.

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