Other Videos

The Atlas® 20,000 LB. recovery winch is designed for those customers who need the maximum pulling power from their 12 V winch.
Showrooms and large inventories have always been important to us and to our customers.
You have heard of Move-it dollies before, but may never have seen them in action. This video shows how the Move-it dollies work and how easily a car is moved when mounted on the Atlas® Move-it dollies. If you need to position a vehicle into a tight spot, then a set of Atlas® Move-it dollies makes it easy!
The Atlas® pneumatic portable wheel lift (AEZWL) is the perfect solution to prevent back injuries when lifting large wheel assemblies onto the shaft of a wheel balancer or on onto tire changer turntable.
The professor explains the business philosophy of Greg Smith Equipment while "touring" the Indianapolis showroom and warehouse. If you want to see a "real brick and mortar" company, please watch this video. Greg Smith Equipment is the "real deal" for all your equipment needs.