PSBC990 Pressurized Sandblast Cabinet

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Extra Large Capacity. Industrial Grade.

Includes FREE 50 LB. Bag Of Glass Beads

The PSBC990 pressurized sandblast cabinet features a higher velocity stream that allows work to be done up to 4 times faster than other sandblast cabinets on the market. The direct pressure system which pneumatically pushes the blast media through the air hose, makes it is possible to clean hard to reach areas that are impossible with other sandblast cabinet models. The PSBC990's direct pressure system is best utilized on heavy steel or extra thick coatings that require additional friction on the surface to be removed. But the PSBC990 also comes equipped with a pressure valve to lower the blasting pressure for more sensitive parts.

The PSBC990 has a large front folding door for easy loading and unloading. It has excellent lighting and a very powerful vacuum system. The lower hopper stores the abrasive material for use and reuse and opens easily to allow easy removal of any media. The pressurized tank below the hopper allows for an adjustable, high pressure air flow of abrasive material to be blasted.

The PSBC990 is always ready when you are. The cabinet can be constantly connected to your air supply and is ready for immediate use when you step on the pedal. Use your new sandblast cabinet to remove scale or heavy rust from automotive parts, clean up rusty tools, etch glass, or any other special application.

The PSBC990 incorporates a powerful vacuum system that keeps the work area free of "floating" rust and used glass bead shells. After the glass bead “slams against” the surface to be cleaned, a portion of the bead is "destroyed" and becomes almost weightless. The vacuum system removes the "floating" rust particles and the "used up" glass bead shell while the “good beads’ fall into the hopper below the work surface.

The PSBC990 uses a foot pedal to control the flow of abrasives from the air nozzle. The foot pedal allows the operator to just “hold and point” the nozzle rather than the need to “pull a trigger” of other sandblast cabinets which can be very tiresome.

Greg Smith Equipment stocks a full line of parts and accessories for our sandblast cabinets. We stock replacement gloves, vacuum media filters, peel-off lenses, and replacement nozzles along with many other wearable sandblast cabinet parts.

Greg Smith Equipment also stocks glass beads (#8 and #10) in 50 lb. bags.
PSBC990 Specifications
Overall Height81" (6' 9")
Overall Width56 1/2" (4' 8 1/2")
Overall Depth65" (5' 5")
Work Area Width46" (3' 10")
Work Area Depth34" (2' 10")
Work Area Height32 1/4 (2' 8 1/4")"
Window Dimensions12 3/4" x 27 1/4"
Power GunNE490 foot pedal w/gun
Nozzles4 ceramic
Gloves24" gauntlet
AbrasiveFREE 50 lbs. beads
Shipping Weight600 lbs.
VacuumAttached vacuum system
Maximum Air Pressure8kg/cm2 115PSI
Weight Capacity220 LBS

PSBC990 Pressurized Sandblast Cabinet3 MB24View
  • Large folding front door
  • Blasting gun with 4 ceramic tip sizes
  • Built-in LED lamp
  • 110V Power
  • Overall size: 56 1/2" Wide x 65" Deep x 81" High
  • Work Volume: 46" Wide x 34" Deep x 32 1/4" High
  • Shipping weight: 600 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 53" x 42" x 38"

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Awesome Blast Unit

by -

This sandblast unit is great! I had to wait because it was on backorder, but the wait was well worth it. It's a pressure pot blaster which feeds the media under pressure and cleans automotive parts extremely fast. Another advantage of the pressure pot blaster is they use way less CFM of air. Since the media has a consistent flow under pressure instead of siphon the stream is very steady. Greg Smith Equip (GSE) sent along a bag of glass beads with the order. I started running it at 100psi, but dropped it to 50psi and it cleaned just as well stripping paint off fast with a big wide stream. At 100psi my forearms were getting tired gripping the part to keep it from blowing right out of my hand. Allow about 4hrs to assemble the unit and you will find out that it's super high quality built. I had a slight air leak in one connection and I called GSE and they sent the part immediately.



I was contemplating between a suction and pressure blast cabinet for my shop at a reasonable price. G-smith definitely has what i needed. A pressure cabinet at a suction price compares to other companies is unbelieable. Free shipping and a bag of media sealed the deal for me. Thanks and will definitely shop again in the future.