Pickup Truck Adapter System For Mobile Column Lift (2 Feet Extensions & Light Truck Adapters)

The Atlas® Pickup Truck Adapter System can be used to lift a variety of farm trucks and pickup trucks using just two of the Atlas® mobile columns. This unique adapter system allows the customer to perform wheel service on many trucks with higher frames using just two mobile columns (master and slave). Please review the specifications for this adapter set to make sure that your vehicles’ frames are tall enough for the pickup truck adapters to be adjusted properly to the vehicle’s lifting points.
Atlas® Pickup Truck Adapter And Feet Extension Set Specifications
Truck Adapter Dimensions58" x 26 1/2"
Feet Extension Dimensions45" x 24"
Minimum Height13"
Shipping Weight300 lbs
  • Includes Feet Extension and Pickup Truck Adapter
  • Includes Double Screw-up Sliding Adapter Pad
  • Shipping Weight: 300 LBS.

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