Quick Disconnect

The electric motor for the power unit requires 220 Volt (single phase) 60 Hz (+/- 5%, so 209-231 volts). We recommend using at least a 10 gauge (grounded) wire from the electrical panel. The power unit may or may not have a short pigtail (no plug) that can be wired to either an optional quick disconnect box (mounted on the lift column) or to a male/female plug combination. It is imperative that the lift’s power supply can be disconnected quickly in case of an emergency. Electric motor switches can fail for a variety of reasons. E.G.: abuse….wear…moisture.

Short Pigtail (no plug)
Male/Female Plug Combination
Quick Disconnect Box

If the electric switch would become compromised and the power supply to the lift needed to be disconnected immediately, a quick disconnect box or a male/female electrical plug combination will allow the operator to disconnect the power from the lift.

A 30 amp breaker is required for 220V.

Electrical switches do not last forever and many times do not give an indication of possible failure. Use common sense and make sure that you can disconnect the main power supply to your lift if needed.