Quit "Paying Through The Nose"* For Overpriced "RED BRANDS"!

Those "RED BRANDS" cost hundreds and thousands of dollars more than our comparable (BLUE) Atlas® line of automotive service products.

Why does RED cost more than BLUE?

The only answer as to why some "RED" equipment costs more than our BLUE equipment appears to be that RED paint must cost quite a bit more than BLUE paint. Our (BLUE) Atlas® automotive service equipment costs a lot less than that (RED) equipment from Hunter®, Coats®, Corghi® and Rotary®. Atlas® equipment (in our opinion and thousands of satisfied customers) is "JUST AS GOOD" (or better).

We invite you to compare the features of the Atlas® brand of automotive service equipment to some of those "RED BRANDS". Really, what are the main differences between the (BLUE) Atlas® brand equipment and the "RED BRANDS"?

Great Question! We have been in business for over 30 years and have (in the past) sold millions of dollars of the "RED BRANDS" automotive service equipment. We are very familiar with the quality of those "RED BRANDS". "RED BRANDS" companies make great products. We just believe that their prices are too high.

Take a good look at our Atlas® tire changers, above ground lifts, wheel balancers and alignment equipment. Call the professionals at Greg Smith Equipment and get the "straight scoop" as to why Atlas® Automotive Service Equipment is the absolute best value offering the highest quality at the lowest cost.

*Comes from occasional practice of piercing an indentured servant's septum and hanging a chain from his nose until he had worked off the debt.

*Means paying too much for something.