Remote Technical Support

Use your Internet access to update your software and diagnose issues with your Edge alignment equipment. Greg Smith Equipment recommends that our customers install TeamViewer ® on their alignment computer system.

TeamViewer ® allows a “remote” Atlas Edge alignment service technician to “take control” of the customer’s alignment system and update previously installed software.

The “remote” technician can also diagnose and correct just about any issue without the need for “hands on”. This service can be performed during hours when the shop is not open for business.

Most customers have high-speed hard wired Internet or wireless Internet at either their business or home. In some instances, the sensors will need to be attached to the alignment system during a “remote” software update or diagnostic session. This situation would require that the TeamViewer ® be accessed (through the Internet) at the business location. However, several software updates may require only the CPU to be accessed. The customer (if he does not have Internet at the shop) may remove his CPU from the alignment machine and take it to a location that has high speed Internet service.