Rubber Vehicle Support Block

Product Code: #ATTDP-0606032
Rubber Vehicle Support Blocks are designed to prevent damage to the underside of most vehicles when raised on a flat metal surface pad lift by supporting the vehicle “above the lift’s metal lifting pad’s surface”. The metal top of a lift runway (usually a scissor type lift) may do damage to the body of many of today’s different body style cars if the vehicle is not “raised and supported” off of the metal runway’s surface.

The Rubber Vehicle Support Blocks are designed to support the vehicle in a raised position. The blocks are lightweight and can be easily positioned so that the “frame...or uni-body...or pinch welds” are not contacting the metal lifting surface of the runway.

We suggest that you use the thicker block styles for Trucks and SUVs and the thinner block styles for passenger cars and mini-vans. Of course, the blocks may be stacked to offer a greater lift height and several could be placed in a line (perhaps along a pinch-weld) to offer a greater lifting surface.

Remember to make sure that all blocks are positioned at the same height so that the vehicle is “level” when lifted.
  • 2" Thick
  • 7" L x 3 7/8" W x 2" H
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