Aligner Connect App For Alignment Machines

Product Code: #ATEDGE-STDA141

Use your android (Download on Google Play Store) or iOS (Download on iTunes Store ) device to not only see your alignment, but also control your alignment and perform the entire alignment all from your device.
No need to make unnecessary trips back and forth to change screens and look at your alignment numbers when they can be right at your finger...on a device you already own.
A simple App can make virtually all* devices a part of any aligner via a simple wifi connection that is simple to add to your alignment machin; even existing units. From your device you can: scan VIN codes, enter vehicle information, perform castor sweeps or jack and hold, adjust any angle...anything you can do from the console, you can do from your device.The app works for all Atlas 501, 601, Cyclops, and 801 alignment machines. Are numbers too small to see? Simply zoom in.

This new App is one of the least expensive ways available to increase productivity in your shop.

* Compatible with: Android system version 4.0.5 and later or iOS 7.0 and later

Download the app for FREE from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store

Manuals/Assembly Guides
Aligner Connect Manual996 KB2View
How To Scan VIN Codes 996 KB1View
  • Built-in VIN code scanner
  • The controls replicate the functions of the 5 keys enabling navigation the various screens and menus
  • no need to stand in front of the computer screen.
  • Pinch to zoom-in
  • The angles are represented with specific controls, in order to offer a very fluent refresh.
  • Swipe to Change the visualized angle
  • Depending on the dimension of your device you can visualize 2 or 6 angles at the same time

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