SBC1200 Extra Large Sandblast Cabinet

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Includes FREE 100 lb. of Glass Beads

The SBC1200 sandblast cabinet features two large folding doors (one in the front and one in the back) for easy loading and unloading of large parts. The SBC 1200 has two foot operated blasting guns located on each side of the blast cabinet. Most sandblast cabinets that can be operated by two people are long and narrow with the access ports next to each other on the front side. The SBC1200 is extra wide so that two operators can blast from either side. This design saves valuable floor space and allows the operator to blast all parts of a large heavy item without moving it around inside the blast cabinet.

The SBC 1200 has excellent lighting and a very powerful vacuum system. The lower hopper stores the abrasive material for use and reuse and opens easily to allow easy removal of any media.

The SBC1200 is always ready when you are. The cabinet stays connected to your air supply and is ready for immediate use when you step on the pedal. Use your new sandblast cabinet to remove scale or heavy rust from automotive parts, clean up rusty tools, etch glass, or any other special application.

The SBC1200 incorporates a powerful vacuum system that keeps the work area free of "floating" rust and used glass bead shells. After the glass bead “slams against” the surface to be cleaned, a portion of the bead is "destroyed" and becomes almost weightless. The vacuum system removes the "floating" rust particles and the "used up" glass bead shell while the “good beads’ fall into the hopper below the work surface.

The SBC1200 uses a foot pedal to control the speed and flow of abrasives from the air gun. The foot pedal allows the operator to just “hold and point” the gun rather than the need to “pull the trigger” of the sandblast gun which can be very tiresome.

Greg Smith Equipment stocks a full line of parts and accessories for our sandblast cabinets. We stock replacement gloves, vacuum media filters, peel-off lenses, bead blast guns and replacement nozzles along with many other wearable sandblast cabinet parts.

Greg Smith Equipment also stocks glass beads (#8 and #10) in 50 lb. bags.
SBC1200 Specifications
Overall Height72 ½"
Overall Width60"
Overall Depth55"
Work Area Width47"
Work Area Depth51"
Work Area Height33 ½"
Window Dimensions12 3/4" x 27 1/4"
Power GunFoot pedal w/gun
NozzlesTwo 6mm ceramic & two 7mm ceramic nozzles
Gloves24" gauntlet
AbrasiveTWO FREE 50 lb. bead bags
Shipping Weight700 lbs.
VacuumAttached vacuum system
Air Requirement24 cfm/80-125 P.S.I.
SBC1200 Extra Large Sandblast Cabinet Manual2.9 MB23Download
  • Two large folding doors
  • Two blasting guns with 2 ceramic tip sizes
  • Built-in fluorescent lamp
  • 110V Power
  • Overall size: 60" Wide x 55" Deep x 72 ½" High
  • Work Volume: 47" Wide x 51" Deep x 33 ½" High
  • Shipping weight: 700 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 56" x 42" x 52 ½"

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