SVI PowerStation™ Air/Electric Utility Box For Lifts

Product Code: #BH-7070-K SVI Powerstation for Lifts
BH-7070-K SVI Powerst
Assembled in the U.S., the SVI PowerStation™ air/electric utility box exceeds industry standards and specifications. Installing a PowerStation™ will mean improved performance and organization in your shop and will make surface mount lifts more service tech friendly. The PowerStation™ easily adapts to most mount lifts or any nearby wall, keeping air lines and electrical cords within easy reach – safety at its best.
  • Easy-to-install. Adapts to most surface mounts lifts or any nearby wall.
  • 20 amp(20-5R) outlets with GFCI protection are standard.
  • Electrical outlets are positioned above the filter to prevent moisture problems. (common issue with others)
  • Air System provides both filtered non-lubricated and lubricated air-one for tire inflation and blow guns, the other for your pneumatic tools.
  • Air lines and electrical cords are with easy reach.
  • Your surface mount lifts become more tech friendly.
  • Enhances your overall shop appearance and performance.
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