4 Post Car Lift

Our Garage Pro 4-Post Lift Series offers a wide range of options to accommodate any service center’s Auto Service needs. Field tested and proven hydraulic systems, single point lock release systems, heavy duty steel construction, and ease of use will increase any automotive service center’s vehicle repair efficiency.

Atlas® 4 Post Car Lifts are stocked and distributed from one of the brick and mortar Greg Smith Equipment Sales nationwide locations. The Atlas 4 Post Car Lift is designed and manufactured to provide our customers with the absolute highest quality of Car Lift at the lowest possible pricing. Automotive professionals trust the Atlas® 4 Post Lift to provide years of trouble free service. Atlas® Garage 4-Post Car Lifts are sold only by the Industry’s leading distribution network. The professional sales people at Greg Smith Equipment Sales are the most knowledgeable professionals in the 4 Post Lift Industry.

Choosing the Right 4 Post Lift for Your Auto Service Shop or Home Garage

Greg Smith Equipment Sales offer several models of the 4 Post Lift. The black and gray color Atlas® Portable Four Post Lift is primarily designed for light duty use in the Mr. Homeowner’s garage, a small body shop or restoration facility. The blue color (stationary - must be anchored to the concrete floor) all Atlas® Auto Equipment is commercial grade and engineered and designed for the high volume Professional Automotive Shops.

A good rule of thumb when deciding which 4-Post Lift is the right one for you is that if it can be moved (with a caster kit), it is primarily designed for light duty use and not designed for use in a high volume automotive repair facility. 4-Post Lifts that are anchored to the ground to provide maximum stability are those specifically designed for the Professional Auto Service Repair Facility.

An example of the light duty commercial lift would be the Atlas® 408-SL which is well suited for work in a restoration business Garage or Body Shop. This lift is one step above the Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 and is an excellent choice for the “discerning customer’s” ultimate garage. The Atlas® Garage Pro 9000 combines the portability of the Mr. Homeowner garage lift features with the commercial grade columns and runways construction of the Atlas® 412 and Atlas® 414. The Atlas® Garage Pro 9000 and Atlas® 409-HP will easily accommodate the extra width and weight of a one ton diesel dually. Either of these models will raise the runways high enough to allow another one ton diesel dually to be parked underneath the raised truck. Both of these Models can be easily moved when the caster kit is installed.

Professional Auto Repair Facilities use both Two Post and 4 Post Lifts

Most Auto Service Repair Facilities utilize both 2 Post Car Lifts and Four Post Auto Lifts to allow them greater flexibility in the services they offer to their customers. The two post auto lift is the perfect model of auto lift to raise the vehicle and perform both under the vehicle service and also perform wheel service. The four post car lift is also referred to as a drive on lift. The operator just “drives on” the runways and lifts the vehicle into the air. The Drive On Lift is perfect for wheel alignment and suspension work and long term storage. If tire work is going to be done on the four post lift then the customer will need to buy one or two of the Optional Rolling Jacks which raise the vehicle off of the runways.

Which is the Easiest Model to Load?

It is easier for the novice operator to load and position a vehicle on a 4 Post Lift compared to a 2 Post Lift. The operator simply drives the vehicle on the runways, sets the car in park, places the wheel chocks in position and raises the vehicle. When lifting a vehicle on a 2-Post Lift, the operator must get on the ground and place the four (4) lift arm pads under the vehicle’s lifting points. The vehicle is then lifted slightly so that the tires are off the ground and the operator jounces the front and rear of the car to make sure the vehicle is balanced properly. If the vehicle is not balanced, it is lowered and repositioned to ensure stability.

Deciding Between a 4 Post Car Lift or a 2-Post Car Lift

You must consider different factors when deciding between a 2-Post Car lift and a 4-Post Car Lift for your Auto Service Business or home garage. For example, a 2 Post Automotive Lift may be better for garages with a low clearance ceiling because it allows the wheels of the vehicle to be below the support arms reducing the overall height of the vehicle. When a vehicle is on a 4 Post Automotive Lift, the vehicle is as “tall” on the runways as it is on the ground.

Atlas Auto Lifts

No matter what your car lift needs may be, the professionals at Greg Smith Equipment Sales can recommend the best model of car lift for all of your lifting needs. Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks hundreds of Atlas® two post lifts and Atlas® 4 post car lifts. Our many different models of Atlas Auto Lifts allow our customers to select the best model of Atlas® for their needs.