Alignment Equipment

The Atlas® Wheel Alignment Machines and Atlas® Alignment Lifts sold by Greg Smith Equipment are the perfect choice for those customers who demand speed of setup and repeated accuracy in their 4 Wheel Alignment Machine system but are tired of paying ridiculously high prices from the RED BRAND company. Atlas® alignment equipment offers a much better value than all other tire alignment machine companies. Atlas® offers several models of car alignment machines and two models of heavy truck alignment machines.

Greg Smith Equipment stocks Atlas® alignment machines and Atlas® alignment lifts. When you purchase an alignment system combination which includes a Wheel Alignment Machine and an Alignment Lift, you can save thousands of dollars off of our normal discounted pricing.

Atlas® Wheel Alignment Machines

An Alignment System consists of two major pieces of equipment: The alignment machine and the alignment lift. Greg Smith Equipment stocks and sells both the wireless computer alignment machine and the Alignment Rack. There are several models of Atlas®alignment machines to choose from. Atlas® car alignment machines are fast and easy to set up and offer the same (or better) accuracy than our competitor's equipment which costs thousands of dollars more. Atlas® Alignment Equipment allow you to position the computer console anywhere in your bay so that you can utilize shorter bay spaces to perform alignment operations.

Atlas® Alignment Lifts

Atlas® alignment lifts are available in both the 4 Post Lift style and the Scissor Lift style. Greg Smith Equipment stocks Atlas® wheel alignmer equipment and many of our nine locations have both the alignment machines and lifts on display. 4 Post Alignment Lifts are available in two models. We stock an open front Alignment Rack and we stock a closed front alignment lift. Some customers prefer the scissor lift because this style of rack takes up far less bay space width than a four post rack. We also offer the air / hydraulic center rolling jacks that roll through the center of the four post or scissor alignment lift to raise the vehicle off the runways when replacing parts or checking suspensions.

Alignment Machine and Alignment Lift Combo

Greg Smith Equipment offers extremely competitive pricing on all of our automotive aftermarket service equipment. When you buy an Atlas®wheel alignment system consisting of an Atlas® alignment machine and lift, you can save many thousands of dollars. Our combo packages are priced many thousands of dollars less than our competition and deliver more features than the BIG RED brand. Several models of Atlas® machines feature Bluetooth® wireless sensors which means that there are no wires between the computer monitor console and the sensors.

We have a large selection of alignment machine combos on our website:

If you do not see the combo that best suits your needs, please call us and we will develop a personal alignment machine combo for you.

Service and Update Your Equipment

Atlas® aligner equipment does not need to be serviced by independent technicians in little white vans. If you own an automotive repair shop, then you and your employees are more than qualified to update computer software or replace component parts on either your Atlas® Equipment . Vehicle update specifications can be uploaded directly into your four wheel aligner machine’s computer just by “plugging into” the Internet. Wheel sensor calibration bars are available so that you can calibrate your wheel sensors in your shop at your convenience. All computer hardware is “off the shelf” and can be purchased locally. Software updates or trouble shooting is done over the Internet so there is no need for any down time for providing wheel alignment services in your shop. If you can change the headlight in a Chevy® Caprice®, you can replace parts in your Atlas® wheel aligner machine.

Semi Truck Alignment Machines

Large over the road semi-trucks and trailers require wheel alignment on a regular scheduled basis to increase tire wear and maximize fuel cost savings. Proper heavy truck and trailer alignment prevents abnormal tire wear and helps to reduces tire costs throughout the year. Of course, a semi-truck and trailer that are properly serviced are much more pleasurable to drive than a truck and trailer with poor alignment. Atlas® equipment is extremely fast to set up and cost thousands of dollars less than other BIG NAME RED truck machines on the market.

InstaCheck Capability of Atlas® Alignment Machines

Atlas® wheel aligner machines can also perform extremely fast checks. Instead of purchasing a separate computer system from the BIG BRAND RED manufacturer, utilize the InstaCheck feature of your Atlas® wheel aligner machine.

   Check out this video:

The Built-In InstaCheck System Provides Accurate Alignment Measurements (On The Floor) In Less Than 80 Seconds.

This high speed (extremely accurate) Atlas® Cyclops 3-D alignment check system requires no lifting of the vehicle and can be performed by non-alignment personnel. This means that just about any person in your service shop can perform an InstaCheck in any available stall. Once the InstaCheck procedure is performed, the printed results identify any alignment issues and help to generate more alignment work for the shop. The measurements obtained from an Atlas® Cyclops in the InstaCheck mode are within the same tolerances as those measurements obtained when the vehicle is moved to the alignment lift and the Atlas® Cyclops is used in the alignment mode.

Watch the video to learn how to increase customer loyalty and make extra profits!

There is absolutely no need to roll the vehicle to compensate a camera sensor system. Rollback is old school technology!

In theory, you would love to have your alignment technicians busy “hanging parts” and doing alignments for 10 hours each day. This is normally not the reality of the situation. However, your Atlas® Cyclops does not need to sit idle while your alignment tech is waiting on the parts runner from your local parts store while the customer’s car is sitting on the alignment rack. There are probably several cars in your shop area or in your parking lot that were “dropped off” for unrelated issues.

Why not take advantage of the InstaCheck feature of your Atlas® Cyclops 3-D alignment system and perform an alignment check on these vehicles?

Roll your Atlas® Cyclops to any adjoining service bay and spend a couple of minutes performing the InstaCheck with each vehicle. When the customer picks up their vehicle, you can include a copy of the Atlas® Cyclops InstaCheck results.

If their car’s alignment is within tolerance, they are going to thank you for your attention to detail. If their car’s alignment is out of tolerance…well, there’s a chance for you to sell another service!

High Quality and Affordable Pricing is Our Promise to You

The professional sales and service staff at Greg Smith Equipment is proud to offer the highest quality automotive equipment at extremely affordable prices. With the latest automotive technology and equipment in our inventory, you can be sure to find what you need when you call the sales and service team members at Greg Smith Equipment Sales.