Alignment Machine

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks a wide range of the Atlas Alignment Machine. This includes the Passenger and Light Truck, Heavy Truck and Trailer Wheel Alignment Machine, as well a full line of accessories. All of which is available at our brick and mortar showrooms / warehouses located throughout the USA. The Atlas® Computer Tire Alignment Machine is also extremely easy to set up and use.

Atlas® Alignment Equipment is ready to go out of the box and if you have internet service at your shop then all the vehicle specification updates can be downloaded into your machine with no expense of a service call. Software issues or technical questions can be addressed by our service technicians with a simple phone call or allowing us to "look inside your machine" with Team Viewer®. No Atlas® computer alignment machine needs to "be down" while waiting for the little white service van.

Many auto repair shops, car dealers, and body shop repair facilities have been "buffaloed" over the years into believing that all tire alignment machines are RED in color, are very complicated to set up and need to be serviced (at a very high price) on a periodic basis.

Passenger and Light Truck Alignment Machines

Atlas® offers several different models of passenger car, SUV, and light truck alignment machines. One of the many great features of any Atlas® system is that there is no need for an extra long bay that is required by those RED MACHINE (3-D) camera / target systems. Atlas® machines may be placed in any location and do not require the operator to roll the vehicle back and forth on the rack. Atlas® Alignment Equipment accuracy is dead on and is repeatable time and time again. Ask any of the auto equipment professionals at Greg Smith Equipment Sales how Atlas® Alignment Machines and the 3d Wheel Alignment System can increase your in-shop profits and give you a faster return on investment than any other alignment system … no matter what those BIG RED guys tell you.

Heavy Truck and Trailer Alignment Machine

The Atlas® 801 is the most accurate and easy to use heavy truck alignment machine system on the market. Other similar equipment, sold by the other guys, requires that the truck be rolled or pushed before a reading can be made. The Atlas® 801 does not require the truck (or trailer) to be moved because the sensor clamping mechanisms are much more accurate than those sold by the BIG RED brand. Who wants to roll a big truck anyway?

Wheel Alignment Machine Accessories and Parts

Atlas® equipment is engineered and built so that the customer can calibrate their alignment machine in their own shop. The sensors, alignment machine accessories and other parts can be installed by the customer. The computer hardware, monitor, and printer are all “off-the-shelf”. Software updates and computer checks can easily be done over the Internet. The customer can update or repair his own equipment with little effort and at little to no cost. There is no need to wait for the little white service van and the exorbitant service call invoices that come with it.