Blemished - Used Auto Equipment

Greg Smith Equipment Sales does offer used automotive equipment for sale at some of our brick and mortar locations throughout the United States. Our definition of used auto equipment may be different than other automotive equipment distributors’ definition of used automotive equipment. Our (slightly) used or (slightly) freight damaged shop equipment is almost like new. Many of the products in the refurbished or “scratch and dent” section have only been used for display in our showrooms or have been used for testing in our test facilities.

All used shop equipment has been discounted and still carries the same great manufacturer's warranty as our new Atlas® shop equipment. Most of the used equipment cannot be shipped because it has been removed from the factory packaging. To search our inventory of used and refurbished garage equipment, please click on any of the State images below. If you do find not the exact model of used shop equipment that you need, please check out the Greg Smith Equipment Home Page for other special pricing and combo package deals.

To check our used automotive equipment inventory by location, please click on a State Image below, or if you have more questions, please call the professionals at Greg Smith Equipment Sales.