Car Scissor Lifts

Professional Auto Shops and Car Enthusiasts around the world trust the Atlas® Brand when it come to Car Scissor Lifts. We supply the highest quality and best value in Full Rise, Low Rise, and Mid Rise Scissor Car Lifts. The Atlas® Brand is manufactured with industry leading engineering and only the best materials. Give our highly trained customer service staff a call with any questions you may have about which car lift is right for you.

Mid Rise Scissor Lift

Platform Configurations

This Atlas® model has two basic styles of top platforms for lifting the vehicle. The Atlas® TD6MR and the Atlas® MR-06 have movable arms with lift pads that can be positioned under the car’s lifting points. The EM-06 has a solid lifting surface and the Atlas® Kwik-Bay has solid platforms on which synthetic lifting blocks are place to contact the car’s lifting points.

Power Unit Location

This model can be operated with 110 V. electricity. The power units are either mounted on a portable dolly or enclosed in a portable cabinet that may be rolled to a convenient position. These power units provide hydraulic pressure to the double cylinders.

Full Rise Scissor Lift

Flush Mount and Surface Mount

A full rise scissor lift occupies 25% less floor space than a two post car lift.

Atlas® offers three different models of the full rise car scissor lifts. All three Atlas® models may be flush mounted and two of these models may also be surfaced mounted. The flush mounted design is a great option because it allows the vehicle to be driven over the lifting platforms at any angle so that the car can be driven into the correct position for service. There are no platforms or superstructures above the ground so maneuverability is limitless on the flat garage floor surface.

If the lift is surface mounted, the vehicle must be driven straight on over the low profile platforms.


Full rise scissor lifts allow a customer to have plenty of room between the lift platforms to roll a transmission jack or an oil drain. The vehicle is lifted high enough that most customer can stand up under the raised vehicle.There is no need to swing arms into the correct position under the vehicle. Simply place the rubber support blocks on the platforms under the vehicle’s lifting points and raise the car or truck.

You can install four (4) Atlas® full rise scissor lifts in the same amount of space as is needed for (3) three two post car lifts or (2) two four post car lifts.

Low Rise Scissor Lift

Atlas® low rise scissor lifts are easily rolled on a concrete or hard asphalt surface. The power unit dolly can be rolled around the lift for easy access. This low rise scissor car lift may be bolted to the floor if needed. Many commercial tire dealers bolt this portable car lift platform on the outside concrete apron and move the 110 volt power unit dolly assembly inside their building during non-business hours.