Floor Jacks

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks hundreds of floor jacks in their nine brick and mortar showroom/warehouses strategically located in the USA. Roll around floor jacks come in various lengths and weight capacity ratings. We stock a great selection of car floor jacks and truck floor jacks to accommodate any automotive or truck repair shop’s lifting needs.

Car floor jacks are normally not rated higher than 3 tons because it is designed to raise only a portion of a car or SUV, not the entire vehicle. Truck floor jacks have rated lifting capacities up to 70,000 lbs.

Passenger Car Floor Jacks

Passenger floor jacks are divided into two categories; Aluminum and Steel. Aluminum floor jacks are much lighter than steel, but aluminum floor jacks are not as durable when used every day in a automotive repair shop. A floor jack with a steel frame is heavier and is better suited for day to day heavy usage. Lightweight aluminum models are much better suited for those customers that need to transport the jack from location to location.

Truck Floor Jacks

Truck Floor jacks used in a service department normally have long frames to reach under truck bodies to access the truck’s lifting points. Long body models and heavy lifting capacities make truck floor jacks a very heavy piece of equipment. Truck jacks may be manually (hydraulic) operated by either a long pump handle or a foot pump. Some models have an air hydraulic pump that allows the operator to raise the lifting saddle quickly by using the shop’s air hose attached to the air / hydraulic pump instead of using manual pumping alternatives.

Portable Heavy Duty Truck Jacks

These high weight capacity truck jacks use an air / hydraulic pump to achieve lifting capacities up to 70,000 lbs. The relative light weight of this auto equipment makes them the perfect choice for service repair trucks that perform road service outside of the shop. The long handles allow the operator to position the jack under either a semi tractor or a semi trailer and the narrow width of the platform allows it to fit between the wheel assemblies of most semi trucks.

Air Bag Jacks

Atlas® air bag jacks are extremely lightweight and can be used for several applications in both an automotive repair shop or body shop . Air bag jacks can be used on four post car lifts or on auto body shop’s frame racks.

Bottle Jacks

Manually operated or air / hydraulic operated bottle jacks are the standard for the truck repair shop. These heavy duty bottle jacks are the perfect solution to raise heavy trucks and tractors.