Hose Reels

Greg Smith Equipment stocks hundreds of retractable air hose reels, oil hose reels, grease hose reels, and water hose reels at their brick and mortar locations. Spring loaded retractable hose reels are the smart choice for auto shops, car dealers, tire repair stores, industrial manufacturing facilities, and even Mr. Homeowner’s pole barn to prevent accidents from tripping over hoses left on the floor. Enclosed or open hose reels may be wall mounted, pole mounted, floor mounted or ceiling mounted. Retractable hose reels allow the operator to pull out the amount of hose needed for immediate use and after the job is finished, the operator pulls the hose slightly and the spring return mechanism automatically coils the hose back inside the hose reel. We also stock manual hose reels.

Low Pressure Air and Water Hose Reels

Air hose reels and water hose reels are wound with low pressure rubber hose with working pressures not much more than 300 lbs. Water and air pressure seldom exceed 200 lbs. of pressure so there is no need to use corded reinforced air hose or water hose. These models normally contain 25 feet to 200 feet of air hose or water hose. Many times, both air and water could be run through because the working pressure strength of this equipment would accommodate the low air pressure or lower water pressure.

High Pressure Grease and Oil Hose Reels

Grease and Oil hose reels would be considered high pressure models. Grease reels use a grease hose which has a higher working pressure rating (5000 psi) than other fluid reels. They use a reinforced rubberized hose that can withstand the enormous pressure required to move grease through the equipment. The oil model is not as reinforced as the grease model and is therefore easier to coil. Oil does not require the same higher pressure to flow through a hose as does grease. Normally, it has working pressure ratings between 2,000 and 3,000 PSI.

Welding Hose Reels

Atlas welding hose reels are the perfect choice for those busy automotive or welding shops that don’t want clutter on the shop floor. Greg Smith Equipment stocks retractable welding hoses in both 50 feet and 75 feet models. The dual oxy / acetylene are safely stored on the spring wound welding reel’s cylinder while not in use.

Replacement and Bulk Reel Equipment

Greg Smith Equipment stocks replacement air, water, and grease hose, as well as, oil hose for Atlas® and other brands of retractable reels.

Mounting Plates

We stock all types of hose reel mounting plates that allow your mounted reel to swivel or pivot to the correct angle. These mounting plates can be used for ceiling, wall, or floor mounted reels.