Jack Stands

Jack Stands come in a variety of heights, sizes and weight capacities. From 2 Ton, 3 Ton, 6 Ton, 10 Ton and
12 Ton Jack Stands to Tall, Pipe, Screw, and Heavy Duty Jack Stands, we carry them all at our eight brick and mortar showroom / warehouses located throughout the USA.

The different weight capacities are generally what separate Motorcycle Jack Stand and Car Jack Stands from Truck Jack Stands and Trailer Jack Stands. Jack stands are sometimes referred to as Axle Stands. These jack stands are used to support a vehicle or a portion of the vehicle when its tires / wheels are not supported by the ground. Tall Jack Stands (undercar) offer an added measure of safety when working on a vehicle that is six feet in the air on a two post above ground lift.

Why Use Jack Stands?

If you use a floor jack to lift a portion of your car for wheel service or you just want to crawl under your car to check for an oil leak, you must use a Jack Stand to support your car while it is raised. The hydraulic floor jack that lifted your car is not designed to hold your car in the air for an extended period of time. You should never trust the hydraulic system on even the most expensive floor jack to keep a car in the air while you are underneath. Axle stands provide a solid mechanical support that does not rely on hydraulic pressure to hold the car up. Axle satnds are usually adjustable in height.

Jacks should also be used when working on a car, truck or trailer while it is fully raised on a 2 post car lift. If you are removing an engine or transmission while the vehicle is in the air, you are obviously going to move the center of the vehicle’s gravity. Placing one or two axle stands in the proper positions under the frame allows the vehicle to maintain stability no matter if the center of gravity has been changed. If you have a car on the lift and you are really “wrenching” on one end, it would be an excellent idea to have a tall jack stand or two under the raised vehicle to add some additional support.

Jack Stand Models

There are three basic models available. A better term for jack stands might be to refer to them as support stands, because that is what these pieces of automotive equipment are designed to do….SUPPORT! They are designed to support a portion of the vehicle or the entire vehicle.

The low profile jack stands are most commonly used when a car is lifted to a minimal height off the ground. The tall jack stands are used to support a part of the car when a heavy component of a car is either removed or installed so that the center of gravity is changing.

There is also another category called heavy duty jack stands and they are designed to support an entire vehicle. These support stands are normally used in conjunction with our mobile column lifts. When the vehicle is raised into the air with the mobile column forks under the tires, it is impossible to perform wheel service. After the car or truck is lifted to the desired height by the mobile columns, the support stands are positioned under vehicle’s lifting points or frame and the mobile columns are rolled out of the way. The vehicle is now fully supported by (normally four) tall jack stands and wheel service can easily be done.