Motorcycle Lifts

Atlas® manufactures several styles of Motorcycle Lifts that range in price from $69 to $1295 and have lifting capacities from 300 lbs. to 1500 lbs. The various models of the Atlas® Motorcycle Lift are operated using several different power sources. Greg Smith Equipment stocks those that are manually operated using a foot pedal hydraulic pump, air / hydraulic operation, full pneumatic operation, and electric / hydraulic power. All Atlas® motorcycle lifts and Atlas® ATV Lifts are built to exacting standards to ensure years of trouble free performance.

We have sold tens of thousands of Motorcycle Lift Tables, parts and Accessories over the last eleven (11) years to a variety of customers that range from large commercial dealerships all the way to Mr. Homeowner and dozens of local motorcycle clubs. We stock everything including in our eight brick and mortar locations so you can be assured we have what you need and can get it fast.

Why Own a Motorcycle Lift?

If you work on motorcycles or just polish the chrome wheels on your own personal bike then you understand the importance of being able to stand up or at least sit on a raised stool while you work. When you raise your lift to eye level, it is much easier to do maintenance or to just closely examine your bike to make sure everything is in good working order. This equipment is also great for storing your bike.

Repairs and modifications are most easily done with the motorcycle or ATV is raised to a comfortable working height. Atlas® lift tables are an affordable safe method for doing this to an optimal height for servicing, cleaning, repairing or modifying. This equipment, just like an Atlas Car Lift, hold their value throughout the years, so you can feel secure that your investment will not lose value in the future.

Different Models of Motorcycle Lifts

Greg Smith Equipment stocks many different models. There are several types and styles so there must also be different models. Dirt Bikes weigh much less than full blown Harley Davidson Dressers so there needs to be a model of lift that will accommodate all types of bikes. Motocross Lifts are extremely popular for those riders that need to elevate their Dirt Bike outside of their garage area, perhaps at the track. The Atlas® portable Motocross Lifts provide 300 lbs. of lift capacity and can raise the dirt bike to a comfortable working height. Honda Goldwings and Harley Dressers require an entirely different size lifting platform and lifting capacity than smaller Motocross Bikes. Larger bikes also require a front vise to hold the front wheel in place and tie down locations on the side of the platform. Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks bike lifts that will accommodate just about any size and length of motorcycle on the road.

A Motorcycle Lift Can Transform Into an ATV Lift

Many of the Atlas® Bike Lifts sold by Greg Smith Equipment Sales can be transformed into an ATV or UTV Lifts by simply adding a Side Extensions. You need to be aware that the weight capacity of your lift (with the mounted side extensions) may be compromised slightly because of the added weight of the extensions. The extra width of the platform should easily accommodate most ATVs and UTVs.

Many repair shops (and even Mr. Homeowner) usually end up buying the side extensions for their lift. The side extensions are also a great feature if you have shorter legs and are putting a large motorcycle on your lift. Many of the lift platforms sit over six (6) inches off of the floor. If you pull you bike onto the platform you will be sitting on a motorcycle that is now six (6) inches higher off the ground. Short legs have a difficult time reaching the floor to stabilize the bike when dismounting. Food for thought.

Electric ... Air ... Manual Powered Motorcycle and ATV Lifts?

Portable lifts are “powered” by good old fashion human foot power. These motocross lifts have a foot pedal which operate the hydraulic power unit that raises the bike. Most stationary motorcycle lifts are powered by either air, air / hydraulic or electric / hydraulic. Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks all of these styles.

High Quality and Affordable Pricing is Our Promise to You

The professional sales and service staff at Greg Smith Equipment is proud to offer the highest quality automotive equipment at extremely affordable prices. We stock the products we advertise and we also stock the parts and accessories to support this equipment.