Hydraulic Power Units

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks hundreds of different style power units including two post, four post, mid-rise, and rolling jack power units, as well as, several other types of power units for above ground lifts and other auto equipment. We stock all power units for Atlas® equipment and many of them will work perfectly with other brands of above ground lifts, motorcycle lifts, or rolling jacks.

Power units for above ground lifts normally are comprised of an electric 110V motor or 220 volt motor, a hydraulic pump, and an oil reservoir. Other types of models for rolling jacks and motorcycle lifts may include air over hydraulic pumps that require air pressure (air compressor) or manual hydraulic pumps that require “arm strength”.

Above Ground Lift Electric Power Units

2 post car lift electric power units are normally 220 V single phase power. The pump pressure and oil reservoir size are important considerations when replacing this piece of equipment on an older two post lift. The size of the cylinders and rated weight lifting capacity will be two important factors when buying a replacement. Mounting plate bolt hole configuration may not perfectly match your lift’s bolt pattern, but it is easy to drill new holes in the mounting plate.

4 post car lift power units use either a 110 Volt or 220 Volt electric motor. Mr. Homeowner’s hobbyist four (4) post lift (portable) requires a 110 Volt electric motor power unit and the commercial grade professional 4 post car lifts use the 220 Volt single phase electric motors. We stock both styles of Atlas® power units. The size of a lift’s cylinder will help to determine the size of oil reservoir needed.

Mid-rise lifts and low rise lifts normally use a 110 volt power unit with a smaller reservoir because the cylinder sizes are smaller than on a two post lift or a four post lift.

Call the lift professionals at Greg Smith Equipment to determine which model of electric motor power unit will be the best replacement for your above ground lift.

Air / Hydraulic Power Units

This model is normally found on a variety of smaller equipment because they are much more compact than the larger electric power units found on 2 post lifts and 4 post lifts. Motorcycle lifts, rolling jacks, specialty lifts and other portable equipment often use an air over hydraulic power unit. Reservoir size and pump pressure output are two important considerations when replacing this automotive equipment.

Manual Power Units

These hand powered models are found on rolling jacks and some pieces of automotive porta-power equipment. Manual power units have different reservoir sizes and depending on the cylinder and piston size can deliver various amounts of hydraulic pressure. Call us to determine which design will work best for your equipment.