Tire Changers

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks hundreds of Tire Changers in our brick and mortar locations. We stock many different models of Atlas® Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Tire Changers, along with all of the Tire Changing Machine Accessories and Tools needed for Auto Service Companies to service just about any wheel.

The Atlas® Tire Changing Machines are designed to allow Auto Service Companies to change passenger car, heavy truck, large farm, earthmover, golf cart , motorcycle and ATV tires.

Atlas Platinum: Premium Quality Tire Changers Without A Premium Price

We hear it all the time "A tire changers is a tire changers they all do the same job". But actually nothing could be further form the truth. Factors such as chassis and tower strength, precision movement of vital components that operate the duck head, and longevity of the clamping mechanism. These all make the difference as to whether your tire machine can handle a BMV run-flat tire fitted to an extended hump rim, whether or not you damage rims, life expectancy, and downtime.

Our tire changers have been designed bt the team behind some of the best-selling, most "famous" brands on the market. They are built first and foremost to do a job. The price is secondary ensuring we give you the best possible product for the best possible price.

Passenger and Light Truck Tire

Greg Smith Equipment Sales offers several different basic models of Wheel Clamp Tire Changers. Many customers who are new to the tire changing business begin with the basic Atlas® tire changing machine. We recommend that if the customer is going to be changing passenger car and light truck tires that they should buy a tire changer with a built in bead blaster. Customers can save a lot of money when they buy a combo special which combines the purchase of a tire changer with a computer Wheel Balancer. As the customer’s business begins to grow they may decide that they need either one or two Tire Changer Assist Arms to help with stiff sidewall tires. These assist arms can be added to our basic Atlas® Tire Machines at any time.

Tire shops that focus on high dollar factory and aftermarket chrome wheels will want to check out our Atlas® Tilt Back, our Atlas® Touchless Tire Changers and Atlas® CPA. These Atlas® tire machines and accessories are designed for those high dollar rims that cannot be scratched. Chrome rims over 30 inches can be changed on some models of the Atlas® tire changers.

Truck Tire, Agricultural Tire, Off-Road Mine Tire

Atlas® offers several models of Truck Tire Changers designed to change skid steer, semi-truck, rear farm, super single and heavy lugged earthmover tires. The Atlas® commercial truck tire changers are priced thousands of dollars less than BIG NAME brands and offer the same reliability at a fraction of the cost of other Truck Tire Changing Equipment. Truck tire tools are no match for the efficiency of an Atlas® truck tire changer. Greg Smith Equipment offers a combo special when buying any of our truck tire changers and a Truck Tire Wheel Balancer at the same time.

Motorcycle Tire Changers and ATV Tire Changers

All models of the Atlas® Tire Changing Machines can be used to change ATV, Golf Cart or Motorcycle Tires when equipped with the correct Atlas® Clamping Systems. Your Atlas® machine can change car tires along with almost any type of specialty wheel when you install the correct Atlas® Wheel Clamp Adapter Set. The several styles of Atlas® wheel clamp adapter sets can transform your traditional Swing Arm Wheel Clamp Tire Changer into a versatile ATV or Motorcycle Tire Changer. Greg Smith Equipment also stocks special motorcycle bead breaker shovels and motorcycle head assemblies.

Assist Arms

Tire Changer Assist Arms and other tire tools can be added to a basic Atlas® Tire Changing Machine so that the operator can easily change stiff sidewall and run-flat wheels that are found on many popular vehicles. Our line of Atlas® Tire Changers and Accessories are priced well below other BIG NAME manufacturers. Greg Smith Equipment Sales offers several Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer Combos at huge discounts.

Professional Sales and Service

The professional sales and service team at Greg Smith Equipment provide our customers with logical answers to all their questions. Our fully stocked parts and accessory department is able to ship product and parts within 24 hours. Our telephone service technicians can provide immediate assistance during normal business hours.

Why Spend More $$$?

The quality of Atlas® tire changers and accessory equipment is on par with any of the BIG NAME manufacturers in this Industry. Greg Smith Equipment Sales has been in the Automotive Equipment business for over 33 years and is very familiar with BIG NAME tire changer machines. There is absolutely no reason to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars extra for a BIG NAME equipment which will not perform better or last longer than the Atlas® brand.