Transmission Jacks

Greg Smith Equipment Sales has the Transmission Jack to fit any needs. We stocks several different styles of Under Car Transmission Jacks, Low Profile Transmission Jacks, and even Heavy Duty Transmission Jacks in our eight brick and mortar showroom / warehouses located throughout the USA.

Two Basic Models of Transmission Jacks

Under Car Transmission Jacks are used to safely lower a vehicle’s transmission from a raised vehicle 2 Post Car Lift or 4 Post Car Lift to a comfortable working level or to install it into that same raised vehicle. Low Profile Transmission Jacks are used for vehicles that are not elevated on an above ground lift. This Auto Equipment provides a solid surface platform that makes transmission removal or installation safe and easy.w

Transmission jacks are typically divided into two main categories:

  • An Under Car Transmission Jack normally refers to an automotive jack that can be extended high enough to reach a transmission of a vehicle that has been lifted up on either a 2 post car lift or a 4 post car lift. This style of under the car jack allows the operator to stand up under the vehicle when either removing or installing a transmission.
  • The other style is the low profile transmission jack that is used to remove or install transmissions on vehicles not being supported above the ground by an above ground automotive lift.

Two Categories of Under Car Transmission Jacks

Under the car transmission jacks are divided into two groups:

  • Single Stage Transmission Jacks
  • Two Stage Transmission Jacks

The difference between these two models is (of course) the number of cylinder stages it has, but the noteworthy difference between these two models is the lowest possible height that can be attained.

Both the single stage jack and the two stage jack can be raised to the same full height. The 2 Stage Transmission Jack can be lowered through its second stage which is a much lower height than the lowest height of the single stage transmission jack. The lower position of the two stage jack allows the operator to safely roll the transmission throughout the shop when mounted on the transmission jack.

The lower height also allows the operator to easily move it from the transmission jack’s mounting platform to a work bench. The single stage transmission jack will not allow the it to be lowered as far to the ground as the two stage transmission jack and normally requires more than one person to transfer the transmission from the jack to the work station because the transmission is higher off the ground.

How is the Transmission Jack Operated?

Transmission jacks use a Hydraulic Pump System that is either manually operated or air operated. Most single stage jacks have the hydraulic pump actuated by either a hand lever pump or a foot lever pump. The foot lever pump operation on a single stage jack is much more efficient than the hand hydraulic pump lever. The foot pedal allows the operator to raise the jack’s mounting platform and still have both hands free to move the platform head to the correct angle under the transmission.

Most two stage transmission jacks use a foot pedal to raise both the first and second stage of the jack. The technician keeps his hands free while raising the transmission jack platform so he can use both hands to make sure that the platform is positioned properly under the transmission when removing or installing. When installing the transmission, the operator’s hands can help to align the transmission while he is jacking it up into position.

Some two stage jacks incorporate an air powered hydraulic pump along with the foot pedal manual pump to provide more speed with less effort for the first stage. Many customers like the air powered option on two stage jacks because the first stage goes up quickly. The air power is normally used sparingly on the second stage as the jack’s platform gets closer to the transmission. Operators like to control the last few inches of the transmission jack’s “lift” with the manual foot pump to make sure that the removal or installation position “go smoothly”.

Platform Adjustment Features

Transmission jack top platforms may be adjusted to multiple angled positions with the platform adjustment knobs and the movable brackets. There are many different styles of top platforms and each customer seems to have their own personal preference as to how the jack’s platform should be adjusted. Please review the “more pictures” section of our individual transmission jacks to better understand the platform adjustment features of each model. Transmission jacks also have bracket chains that provide extra security by holding the transmission.

Low Profile Transmission Jacks

These types of transmission jacks are normally used for installing or removing transmissions from vehicles that are on the ground or just slightly elevated off of the ground. Low profile jacks are very popular for removal of large truck transmissions. Large trucks have a very high profile so it is not necessary to raise a large truck six feet into the air for removal or installation of the transmission. Large truck transmissions also weigh quite a bit more than a car or light truck transmission, so most customers want to install and remove these heavier large truck transmissions with the vehicle on the ground.