Wheel Balancers

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks hundreds of computer Wheel Balancers in our brick and mortar locations located throughout the United States. We stock many different models of Atlas® Car Tire Balancers, Motorcycle Wheel Balancers, Truck Tire Wheel Balancers, as well as, Wheel Balancer Cones and Accessories. Atlas® Automotive Equipment makes the best wheel balancer at the most competitive prices.

We stock all of the parts and accessories necessary to keep you operating at maximum efficiency for many years to come. Greg Smith Equipment stocks motorized and hand spin wheel balancers. We stock all the cones and adapters that may be needed to properly mount just about any factory or aftermarket wheel to ensure a perfect balance.

Atlas Platinum: Premium Quality Wheel Balancers Without A Premium Price

Not all wheel balancers are the same. It is easy to make a cheap wheel balancer by copying 20 year old technology that have expired patents. Also anybody can make a wheel balancer look reliable by increasing the tolerance so high that it always reads zero, or look deceivingly good quality on the brochure thanks to some cleaver photography touch-ups.

But when you start having customer come-backs (or even worse, they don't come back, ever!), embarrassing situations that can't be resolved, high consumption of expensive wheel weights, and frustrating breakdowns. It is only then you appreciate the true value of a premium quality balancer.

Our Wheel Balancers use the true quality Italian components used by the "Big 3" Italian manufacturers. Precision engineering of the vibratory system, and advanced features that ensure both reliable results and a reliable machine were the absolute minimum standard when we set out to produce a balancer range capable of working in the most demanding environments.

Wheel Balancing Machines

Greg Smith Equipment has ten different Atlas® Wheel Balancer Models that can service lightweight motorcycle wheels all the way to 300 lbs. super single wheels found on large semi trucks. Atlas® Wheel Balancers have a very sophisticated proprietary software measuring system that is able to determine the wheel’s out of balance condition in just one spin.

Passenger and Light Truck Tire

Greg Smith Equipment Sales offers 10 different models of computer Truck Wheel Balancing Machines that can accurately balance most passenger and light truck tires. There are different measuring features on some models that make wheel measuring parameter data easier to enter into the wheel balancer’s computer. All of the Atlas® models are built for commercial use in tire shops, automotive service centers, and car dealerships. If your business has several technicians operating the same balancer, you may want to consider one of the more sophisticated models that enter wheel size data automatically. This automatic data entering system eliminates the chance of human error during the measuring process.

Aftermarket Chrome Wheels

Aftermarket chrome and factory chrome wheels are becoming more and more popular. Any of the Atlas® computer balancers can accurately balance these wheels if the it is properly mounted to the 40 mm balancing shaft found on all Atlas® balancers machines. Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks all the Wheel Balancer Cones and balancer adapters that are required to properly mount custom wheels.

There are two ways to mount custom chrome wheels onto the computer balancer. Some wheels can be properly mounted through the center hole by using the included standard wheel balancer cones. Other aftermarket chrome wheels require the wheel to be mounted through the lug bolt pattern of the wheel. These are called lug centric and Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks all the necessary cones and adapters to properly mount both styles of wheels.

Many customers' custom wheels have a spoke pattern and these customers may not want the wheel weights to be seen anywhere on the wheel. Several Atlas® balancer models have software that can identify the correct amount of imbalance and determine a place at the rear of the wheel behind a spoke to place the weight so that the wheel weight is “invisible”.

Truck Tire Balancer

The Atlas® WBT-210 truck tire computer wheel balancer is capable of balancing car tire tires all the way up to an including super single semi truck tires weighing up to 300 lbs. The WBT-210 truck tire wheel balancer includes a pneumatic wheel lift that is certainly needed when positioning heavy wheel assemblies on the shaft of the wheel balancer. The Atlas® WBT-210 comes complete with a large size selection of center hole mounting cones that allow the operator to mount just about any size wheel with any size center hole.

The Atlas® WBT-210 is the perfect choice for those tire shops that want to balance just about any vehicle wheel that comes through the door. There is no need to buy both a passenger car wheel balancer and a separate truck tire wheel balancer.

Greg Smith Equipment offers a combo special when you buy an Atlas® WBT-210 wheel balancer and one of our many models of truck tire changers at the same time.

Motorcycle Wheel Balancers

All passenger and light truck models of the Atlas® wheel balancers can be used as Motorcycle Wheel Balancers and tire assemblies when used with the Atlas® motorcycle adapter kit. The Atlas® motorcycle kit consists of a smaller shaft and smaller cone system that replaces the larger 40 mm. shaft and cone selection of the Atlas® car wheel balancer.

Professional Sales and Service

The professional sales and service team at Greg Smith Equipment provide our customers with logical answers to their wheel balancing questions. Our fully stocked parts and accessory department is able to ship product and parts within 24 hours. Our telephone service technicians are familiar with all aspects of the Atlas® tire changers and can provide immediate assistance during normal business hours.

Why Spend More $$$?

The quality of Atlas® wheel balancers and wheel balancing equipment is on par with any of the BIG NAME manufacturers in this Industry. Greg Smith Equipment Sales has been in the Automotive Equipment business for over 33 years and is very familiar with BIG NAME computer wheel balancers. There is absolutely no reason to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars extra for a BIG NAME wheel balancer which will not perform better or last longer than the Atlas® brand of wheel balancer.