Wheel Weights

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks several tons of car wheel weights and truck wheel weights at our brick and mortar showroom / warehouses. There are several available alternative alloys in addition to lead. There are also many different clip configurations available for purchase. Car and truck manufacturers have various rim lip configurations on their OEM wheels, so one style of wheel weight clip will not fit all rims. Adhesive stick models are an alternative to clip designs because the adhesive stick can be applied to any rim surface no matter what the rim lip configuration. Please review the application guide by clicking on the blue button above to determine the styles of wheel weight clip configurations that will work for you.

Our Atlas® wheel balancers are capable of showing the operator exactly what the tire / rim out of balance condition is and exactly where to put the correct amount of weight, however you must apply this auto equipment to correct the out of balance condition. Buying a computer wheel balancer and not buying the wheel weights is like buying a rifle and not buying the ammo or a fishing rod and reel and not buying hooks or worms or lures. If you have more questions, please call the professionals at Greg Smith Equipment Sales.