Greg Smith Equipment stocks several different models of Atlas® 12 Volt Winches. 12 volt electric winches are a necessary tool for any off road truck or ATV or UTV. It is important that customers consider what type of jobs the winch needs to perform in addition to considering the weight of the vehicle being “winched” before they make their purchase. The rule of thumb is to always buy a winch larger than you think you need, because the actual weight of the vehicle (being pulled) is increase dramatically when several factors are considered.

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A winch is the perfect tool for those customers who want the ability to travel off road and be able to “pull themselves out of trouble”. Tow trucks and recovery vehicles use winches to pull cars and trucks out of ditches. ATV and UTV owners use winches to pull their vehicle (or their buddy’s vehicle) out of “tight spots”. Trailer owners use trailer mounted winches to pull cars and trucks and boats onto their trailers.

12 Volt Wired/Wireless Recovery Winches

The term “Recovery” winch is used to describe a large winch (normally 10,000 lb. capacity and up) that is mounted on a truck or trailer and is engineered to pull larger vehicles. Recovery winches are used to pull a rolling vehicle onto the bed of a flat bed truck or trailer or perhaps a non-rolling vehicle back up (from a ditch) to the highway. Atlas® recovery winches can be operated both from a wired or a wireless location. It is important to remember that a recovery winch needs to have a much higher capacity than the vehicle it will be pulling. Winch capacity ratings are based upon ideal “pulling conditions”. If the vehicle does not roll easily or is being pulled up any sort of incline, then the vehicle’s “weight” is dramatically increased.

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UTV and ATV Winches

These smaller capacity winches are the perfect choice for those off the road enthusiasts with a UTV or an ATV. These 12 volt winches are both wired and wireless which allows them to be operated several feet away from the vehicle. If you are trying to pull your “stuck” ATV or UTV up a hill or out of a mud bog, the wireless control feature is very important. These smaller weight capacity rated winches are not really suitable for pulling cars or boats onto a trailer. Please call one of the winch professionals at Greg Smith Equipment Sales to discuss which winch model would best fit your needs.

Winch Accessories

Your winch is a powerful tool, but you can still increase the pulling power of your winch and its versatility with any of the Atlas® winch accessories. Greg Smith Equipment Sales offers pulley blocks and bow shackles to add pulling power to your winch. Winch covers and battery quick connectors help to protect your winch and also make it easier to operate. We also stock a full line of replacement parts and repair parts to keep your winch operating perfectly for many years.