Spray Wash Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

The inside of the cabinet is only painted to protect it during transport to our warehouses. Please see Page 7 of your Manual for the "Initial Start-Up Procedure" or click here to read the Quick Start Guide. This process is designed to prepare the cabinet for years of reliable service.

The Thermostat has a 40 Degrees F temperature range. For instance, if the temperature is set to 150 Degrees the Heater will not be reactivated until the water temperature reaches 110 Degrees.

The noise is likely caused by debris in the pump. Debris larger than 3MM in size may have been drawn into the water pump. But because the diameter of the nozzle opening is 3MM, the debris cannot be sprayed out through the nozzle hole. Remove all of the spray tubes and run the water pump. The debris should be sprayed out and the noise should disappear. If not, then remove the vent from the pump (No. 8 - See figure below) and allow the water to flow out from this opening. This lets large or heavy debris to be discharged from the pump.

Open the cabinet and adjust the spray nozzles to spray away from the door using a pipe wrench.

You must use a LOW FOAMING detergent with rust inhibitors. Use detergent strong enough to do the job but not so strong that it attacks the metal substrate. Liquid detergent needs to be used. Powdered detergent contains a high amount of silica. This makes it very abrasive and more caustic as it dries on metal. Liquid detergent rinses much more completely and is the best type of detergent for your Machine.