Spray Wash Cabinet FAQ

You must use a LOW FOAMING detergent with rust inhibitors. Use detergent strong enough to do the job but not so strong that it attacks the metal substrate. Liquid detergent needs to be used. Powdered detergent contains a high amount of silica. This makes it very abrasive and more caustic as it dries on metal. Liquid detergent rinses much more completely and is the best type of detergent for your Machine.

We have explained for the last several years that our full line of Atlas® lifts are manufactured to the same exacting standards as most of the "better known" domestic lift companies. All lifts are NOT built the same! There are similarities in the appearance of most above ground lifts, but the Atlas® Lifts are built to standards that far exceed those standards incorporated by most other Asian lift manufacturers.

We also stock most of the lifts we advertise and have in-house service techs that can help with installation questions.

We have a parts department that stock all the parts needed for the current Atlas® Lifts we sell, and we also have parts for lifts that we sold over 10 years ago.