Storage Policy For Prepaid Orders

We have many customers that ask to pay for an item BEFORE they pick it up or want to have it shipped.There are several reasons as to why this occurs, but many times, the customer wants to either lock in a price or be 100% positive that we will not sell out of an item. Greg Smith Equipment will gladly accept payment over the phone or wait for a check or wire transfer to arrive. However, Greg Smith Equipment Sales is NOT a storage facility. We really need for our customers to pick up (or have shipped) their "paid for" equipment within 30 days (unless special arrangements are made in advance).

We have a very large warehouse, but not large enough for customer equipment storage. Product that is "sold and paid for" may be subject to damage or degradation because it may need to moved to allow for ongoing activity inside our showrooms and warehouses.

Our "extended storage policy" is as follows:

Items not picked up or shipping arrangements made for (after 30 days) could be subjected to daily storage fees of up to $50 per day. We do not like to institute this policy, but unclaimed merchandise utilizes our storage space and work areas.

Items left over 60 days will be returned to inventory and customer will be responsible for accrued storage fees of up to $500 or cost of goods, whichever is the least.

We are a family owned business and understand that sometimes circumstances arise that will delay pick up and shipment times. Communication between our customers and Greg Smith Equipment (relating to delayed pick-ups or freight shipments) needs to occur long before storage fees begin. This policy will affect only about 1/10 of 1% of our customers. Those customers just don’t "get it". I am sure the rest of you do!