Atlas® Super-Duo - MC/ATV Tire Changer & Wheel Balancer All-In-One Combo

Product Code: #ATTC-SUPERDUO
The Atlas® Super-Duo is the all-in-one answer for anyone who deals with motorcycle, golf-cart, or lawn mower tires. Designed to replace the need for expensive adapter kits typically required to make passenger vehicle equipment work with lawn and garden, golf-cart and, motorcycle wheels.

The tire changer is equipped with adjustable, raised wheel clamps to accept small diameter wheels and motorcycle tire/wheel combinations with the hub or sprocket still installed.

The integrated Hand-Spin Balancer comes complete with 3 different diameter shafts for the wide array of motorcycle hub diameters found throughout the market. The balancer’s wheel clamp replaces the rubber friction pads often found with accessory kits used to convert passenger car or, light truck balancers to motorcycle balancers.

Super-Duo Specifications
Overall Dimensions71" Tall x 61" Wide x 47" Deep
External Locking Rim Dimensions6 - 24"
Max Wheel Diameter41"
Max Wheel Width10"
Working Pressure120 PSI
Max Wheel Weight140 lbs
Rim Diameter10" - 24"
Rim Width1 1/2" - 20"
Cycle Time8s
Shipping Weight415 lbs

Super-Duo Manual2.6 MB57View
  • All-In-One Tire Changer/Wheel Balancer Combo
  • Specifically Designed For Motorcycle And Small Diameter Wheels
  • Smaller Mount/Dismount Head To Make Mounting Small Tires A Breeze
  • Smaller Bead Breaker Shovel To Accommodate Small Diameter Wheels
  • Three Motorcycle Shafts Included To Accommodate All Various Hub Diameters
  • Multiple Weight Configurations For Balancing
  • Adjustable Turntable Clamps

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