TD302 On The Car Rotor Only Disc Brake Lathe

Product Code: #ATBL-TD302
The TD302 lathe was born from the necessity of reconditioning brake discs directly on board. Its use is needed when the removal and the following mounting operations of the disc are too complicated, like in four-wheel drives, or when pedal pulsation appears due to the “runout” effect, which is ever more widespread even on new vehicles. Thanks to the fixing system of the brake lathe in place of the caliper, on the same holes and surface of contact, the highest machining precision is offered, keeping the disc and the caliper aligned and, consequently, solving the underlying problem. Reduced weight and dimensions offer handiness and practical use. Moreover, the independent adjusting tools, the automatic feed in both directions, the endswitch and the complete standard equipment make it extremely fast and versatile on a wide variety of vehicles.

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TD302 On The Car Rotor Only Disc Brake Lathe Specifications
Working Stroke 5 9/10" - 27 9/10" (90 mm)
Rotor Thickness 1/5" - 1 3/5" (5÷40 mm )
Feed Rate .6 Inch/Min (15 mm/min)
Feed Motor12 V
Disc Rotation Speed95 rpm
Power Supply220V 60Hz 1-Phase *No Plug Included*
Motor Driving Unit0.5 Hp (370 W)
Weight99 lbs
TD302 On The Car Rotor Only Disc Brake Lathe Manual1.1 MB43View
TD302 Parts List278 KB10View
  • Power feed on both directions (12 V-D.C.)
  • Stroke-end switch
  • 2 year parts warranty
  • Power cable
  • Set of clamps
  • Right hand insert tool holder
  • Left hand insert tool holder
  • Carrying case
  • Wrench set

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