The Auto Dispenser

Greg Smith Equipment Sales is proud to present The Auto Dispenser - one of the most unique pieces of automotive advertising to ever grace your dealership.

Auto Dealers across the globe are constantly searching for "the edge" that will set them apart from the pack. They're seeking the one element that will draw customers in and command the attention of every eye that passes their dealership. With automobiles stacked four or even six high beneath your name and logo, The Auto Dispenser provides that marketing edge, and so much more.

The Auto Dispenser serves two purposes. First, it serves as a giant monument - an advertisement, clad in YOUR choice of signage and lighting, that's simply impossible to miss. Second, The Auto Dispenser allows you to store cars in your vertical space, and to swap those cars out in a matter of minutes, avoiding any dealership disruption or added fees for cranes and personnel. The Dispenser was developed to provide maximum exposure to your automobiles with minimum disruption, and to save you time, money, and dealership space.

And it gets even better - The Auto Dispenser requires no operator's license, can be loaded and unloaded by one person in a matter of minutes, and comes to your dealership customized to fit. Choose options regarding weight of car, size of car, lighting, and number of platform levels desired. Whether it's loaded with the "Bells & Whistles" or in its simplest form, The Auto Dispenser comes as a "turnkey" package, with all permits, footings, and installation executed for you. Financing is also available. Contact us for more information.

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The Auto Dispenser Specifications
Standard ModelCustomizable*
Base Dimensions10' x 12'varies by customer
Height30'varies by customer
Signage Height2'up to 2'
Lift Platforms42-6
Lift Platform Capacity2,500 LBS.up to 7,000 LBS. or more

* All variables are customizable to your specifications
  • Every Auto Dispenser is Custom Made
  • Up to 6 automobiles fit into one 10x12' space
  • Customized with YOUR dealer signage and lighting options
  • Each platform holds up to 2,500 LBS

    (can be customized up to 7,000 lbs or more)
  • Can be fully loaded or unloaded by

  • No operator's license required
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