Tire Changer Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Greg Smith Equipment Sales is proud to be the exclusive importer for the Atlas® product line in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and other countries. Wheel clamp tire changers and computer wheel balancers may appear to be the same from the outside, but the quality of component parts, availability of repair parts and technical support is what separates the Atlas® brand from all other Asian wheel service assembly factories...

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Many of our customers who purchase an Atlas® Tire Changer have never operated a wheel clamp tire changer. After you have read the manual that comes with each tire changer, click here for a guide on Breaking the Bead and Demounting and Mounting the Tire with a wheel clamp tire changer.

Many of the current tires today have extremely stiff sidewalls.

Many customers use the "palm pressure" of several employees to push down the bead on a rotating tire to help mount or demount a stiff sidewall tire. This is an effective method if you have "a willing employee" who is not afraid of losing a finger or two.

Assist arms are a much better solution! Our Atlas® tire changers will mount and dismount almost all wheel/tire combinations if the sidewall can be "pushed" toward the center of the rim. Our Atlas® air powered assist arms help to "push" the top sidewall DOWN or lift the bottom sidewall UP. If the sidewall is not "helped" toward the center of the rim, then the tire bead will press against the lip of the rim and the motor will stall when the tire tool becomes "jammed". Of course, you never want this to happen on an expensive rim. If the tire tool is "jammed" against the lip of the rim, then the rim could easily be scratched. The tire tool will not be "jammed" for long, because the operator can lift up on the pedal that controls the turntable and reverse the direction of the turntable. You tool will never "stay" stuck...but rim damage may have already been done.

If you are doing any thick ply sidewall skid steer tires, then assist arms are a must.

That's a tough question to answer! Wheel and tire manufacturers never consult the equipment manufacturers BEFORE new wheels and tires are produced. The tire and rim industry depends on "US", the wheel service equipment manufacturers, to provide all the necessary equipment to service their "new ideas"...

Just because the "outside clamping" range of a tire changer is twenty-one (21) inches, does not mean that this tire changer will effectively clamp a twenty-one (21) inch rim. A twenty-one (21) inch rim is normally LARGER than twenty-one (21) inches in diameter. Measure a decorative wheel in your shop, and determine the exact measurement. (Include the rim lip) Remember that the clamping jaws need to have a clamping range of about two inches larger than the outside lip of the chrome wheel for the tire changer to be effective. The jaws need to expand out further than the rim's edges for the rim to be properly positioned. The jaws must also have enough "travel" (back toward the center) to exert the pressure needed to hold the rim in place. A tire changer with an "outside clamping" range of twenty-four (24) inches WILL NOT change a twenty-four (24) decorative rim. You will need a tire changer with a twenty-six (26) "outside clamping" range to change the twenty-four (24) inch rim. Atlas® large rim adapter and motorcycle adapter sets INCREASE the "outside clamping" range of our tire changers. ATV adapters DECREASE the "outside clamping" range of our tire changers...

Steel automotive and truck wheels are "clamped" onto the wheel clamp tire changer using the INSIDE CLAMPING METHOD. Decorative wheels are "clamped" onto the wheel clamp tire changer using the OUTSIDE CLAMPING METHOD.

Of course, these jaws may damage a rim, so all Atlas® tire changers come with a set of plastic jaw protectors. If your shop is doing a lot of decorative rims or drop centerrims, then you may want to consider the Atlas® center post adapter to eliminate the possibility for rim damage.

Click here for a Guide on Breaking the Bead, Demounting, and Mounting the tire with a wheell clamp tire changer.

A tire changer's bead blaster system delivers a large volume of highly pressured air into the cavity of a tubeless tire to help "seat the beads" of the tire to the wheel assembly. Many tubeless tires have extremely stiff sidewalls and the beads of these tires will not seat properly by just pumping air through the valve stem. (Even with the valve core removed)...Click here for more information.

Atlas® 255 touchless tire changer is a machine that provides the operator with all the tools necessary to mount or demount stiff sidewall tires off of expensive chrome wheels with a very small possibility of damage. It is ALWAYS the operator’s responsibility to make sure that the rim is protected from damage. Just because the machine is "touchless" does not mean that an operator could not damage a rim by not paying attention.

However, the TC-255 makes it ALMOST impossible for even the novice to damage a high priced rim. Please watch the video to learn more!

Some operators are just more skilled than other operators and can effectively change expensive chrome wheels on standard "wheel clamp tire changers". Our Atlas® CPA helps those "experienced operators" prevent rim damage when used with a standard wheel clamp tire changer (either swing arm or tilt back) by eliminating the wheel clamps from contacting the rim.

The best answer to changing expensive rims may actually come from your employees. Ask them to watch our videos or stop by one of our locations for a demonstration and then offer their comments.

All Atlas® brand tire changers and wheel balancers have a one year LIMITED parts only warranty. We do not provide in field service for these machines. We stock all the parts for our machines. We will be glad to provide over the phone technical support to help you replace a part or diagnose a problem. We believe that you (or someone in your company) are mechanically inclined-or you would not have bought this equipment. If you will follow our instructions, you can easily repair our equipment.