UPS ® and FedEx ® Shipping

Greg Smith Equipment uses UPS ® and FedEx ® for the majority of packages that do not require (because of size and weight) a commercial semi-truck for transport. Your packages are automatically insured for $100.00. Many items we sell have a value over $100.00. If you want to have your package(s) insured for more than $100.00, please ask your salesperson about the additional costs. Actually, it is rather inexpensive to insure packages up to $999.00.

Delivery of your package (to either a business or residence) may also be discussed with your sales representative. If your package is being delivered to a business address, then a signature (during normal business hours) will be easy for the carrier to obtain. If you are having your package sent to a residence (or to a business that does not observe normal business hours), you may request the option that the driver leave your package (at the front door) with no signature needed. UPS and FedEx drivers (in low crime residential areas) will leave your package and their "delivery receipt" will serve as proof that your package was delivered. You (the customer) will be responsible for damage to the package or a "missing package". If you know your UPS or FedEx driver, then there should be no issues.

If you request that a signature must be obtained to show proof of delivery, (and the no one is "home" when the delivery is made), then you (the customer) will be responsible for contacting the carrier and making arrangements for another delivery or pick up at the local terminal. The driver will leave an “attempted delivery receipt” at your door.