Understanding Shipping Labels

Greg Smith Equipment is committed to making sure that your equipment arrives to you in the best condition possible. We make sure that our factories provide extra layers of protection for our lifts, tire changers, air compressors, wheel balancers and just about anything else that we ship. Our shipping department spends extra time to make sure that your product is protected from those "800 pound gorillas"!



However, Greg Smith Equipment can only provide so much packaging to protect your purchase. We put many (brightly colored) labels on our packages to remind you to pay close attention to the condition of your equipment when it "comes off the truck." If the package appears to have been damaged, please sign the freight bill with specific notes as to what damages are obvious and make a note that there may be hidden damages. Take a picture of the damages. If your product is being shipped to "one of your buddies’ place of business", please remind him (or his employees) to examine the package for damages. It is your buddy’s responsibility to note any damages on the bill of lading if you intend to file a damage claim. If your buddy unloads the package on a Monday and you do not pick up the product until Friday and there is damage to the product, you have very little chance of making a claim for freight damage. Greg Smith Equipment takes pictures of all truck shipments before they leave the Indianapolis facility. We can furnish you these pictures so that there is not confusion as to the condition of the merchandise when it left our warehouse.

Greg Smith Equipment spends thousands of dollars each year to secure packages and provide warning labels to "remind" our customers to "pay attention" to the condition of their packages when they come off of the truck. We can assist you in filing a claim, but Greg Smith Equipment cannot be responsible for a customer who receives a lift (that looks like the one on the left above) and does not sign the bill of lading with a notation that there appears to be some damage to the packaging.


Filing a damage claim with the freight company is MUCH easier if there has been a notation on the Bill of Lading identifying the possibility of damage. Do not expect the freight company or Greg Smith Equipment to furnish new parts if you have failed to make a note that possible damage has occurred.

If you absolutely, positively want your product to arrive in "perfect condition," then hook up your trailer and come visit one of our eight brick and mortar locations.