Vacuum Antifreeze Drain and Fill

Product Code: #ISN-UVU570000


Features and Benefits:

  • Connects easily to most engine cooling systems-simply connect to radiator filler neck or reservoir tank. No need to cut header hoses or disconnect radiator hoses
  • Test for leaks-confirms system integrity, reduces chance of refilling a leaky system
  • Eliminates potential airlock problems-refill cooling system using "Patented" vacuum technology
  • Refills in seconds-quickly refill from new or used coolant reservoir. Accurately pre-mixes water and anti-freeze in convenient 3 gallon (11.3L) holding reservoir
  • Safely stores used coolant in a large 12 gallon (45.4L) environmentally friendly holding reservoir
  • Removes and refills cooling systems and performs a built-in leak test in less time than today's conventional methods. Simply connect to radiator filler neck. No need to cut heater hoses or disconnect radiator hose. Eliminates airlock problems. Quickly refills from new or used reservoir. Operates on shop air.

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