Multi User Function

The multi user function allows up to three technicians to use the Atlas WB-77 at virtually the same time while keeping each technician's preferences!

Assume that three technicians are working on three different sets of tires/wheels off of three different vehicles in the shop. Each technician chooses his own user number and the specifications for his tire/wheel assemblies. These are logged into his own user account. This great feature allows each user to enter the specs of his tire/wheel assembly and retrieve this information by selecting his user name.

Example: A technician only has time (before lunch) to balance two of the four tires off a particular vehicle. That measurement data is stored in his user ID account. Other technicians may use the balancer (while the first technician is at lunch) and input measurement data to reflect the tires/wheels of the vehicles on which they are working. When the first technician returns from lunch, he simply scrolls to his user ID and resumes balancing the remaining two (2) sets of tire/wheels. He does not need to enter new measurements.