Winch FAQ

Please read this article to better understand how your Atlas winch will perform in a variety of situations. If you do not understand the concepts presented in this article; please do not buy our Atlas winch.

To calibrate your wheel balancer, refer to the MANUAL/QUICK START GUIDE that came with the machine or watch a calibration video here. If you did not receive the MANUAL/QUICK START GUIDE (you really did, but just lost it or threw it away) please call or e-mail us and we can e-mail, mail, or fax you another copy, or download it here. If you still cannot figure out how to calibrate the machine, please call for help. It is really a very simple procedure-so please try more than once before calling. You can do it!

Unplugging your ATLAS wheel balancer does not erase the memory. However, if you unplug the machine and move it, it is recommended that you recalibrate it since calibration can be location specific. (If you bounce it around, it may need to be calibrated again). .